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Friends Photo Album


hehe this is BEN! lol hey ben ur soo aweosme and funny! ahah soo| lmfao lyl hehe!!:):):)


hola matt trimmel!! ahah ur soo cute! lol ur aweosme hehe i wuv u! lol aha


hey guys, this is my good freind mike! hehe he the sexiest gr 10 guy!! lmfao mike there u go! ahaha


One of my BFFS! KATIE haha u rock sooo much! u r sooooo funny lol i love u soo much we always have a kick ass time!! woot lol hehe xox!


this is my buddy marc!! lol hey marc ur awesome man!! i love u!! lol soo awesome to talk to! :) 


this is my cuz justin, u rock man! lol u r soooo fun and cool lol i love u xox

If any of my friends have their own web sites, I might include links to them here.