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My freinds for life!!

hey guys i love you all! if i HAPPNED to forget u by MISTAKE just let me know and i'll add u ASAP!

Melanie-One of my bestest freinds since gr 2,
you are aweosme, and way kool BFF lyl ur always there for meBFF+E+E love u

Jessica-another best freind that made my life so grate, i miss you jessy, wish u were still here with all of us :( luv u BFF+E+E

JosH-you are one awesome guy, ur my bestfreind josH, and i miss you very much, now im the only phsyco in town! lol  dont ever forget life aint the same without u in it, u changed my life, you made it better.. i love you josH

"The Mark" aka Mark Plante-hey Mark, u r soo awesome..u were always there for me and i love you sooo much...u will in my heart, we had some awesome times, i'll never forget them and i'll never forget you, love you forever xox

Barbara-Hey BB i miss u soo much! u were soooo friggen hilarious and super fun to be around i wish u didnt go to kingsville:( i sure hope we can get together soon ur aweosme!! i will always love u Bubba LYL BFF+E

Emily Mc-your sooooo sweet and i luv you soooo much, ur a grate freind <3

Justin D-HEY justin i luv you, miss you lotz, cant wait to see you!!:) you are the cutest kid! lol dont forget me

Jesse D-you were always the cute class clown, and now look at u, u've grown up so much, and ur grate, i luv u babe, and i will always be ur little Baitlin miss u with all my heart

Sabs- Its not the same around here with u babe, i wish u didnt move so far away, but i know u luv livin there and as long as ur happy i am too, i love you sebbo. always.

Christie K-hey hun! omg its soo awoesme that we hang at essex! we go way back!we were such good freinds as kids im soo glad we still are! lyl ur the best!! XOX BFF

Katie K-hey kait..ur awesome..we always have soo much fun together were like..the groosome twosome! lol without ur crazyness i would be lost its grate to have a freind as frggen funny and awesome as u..ur always there for me i love you kait ur bomb bff

Ashley L-hey ashy, wats up?? i miss u sooooo much hun!! i loved bein ur nabor! lol hope ur lovin the city..i love u so much..hope to hang soon dont forget me ur awesome MISS U:(:(:(ur there for me, and ur awesome! lyl xoxoxox bff


Brad- hey man, u.. u left an empty hole in my heart when u left, i still luv u! and i miss u, i'll always b ur princess and u'll always be my brad lyl

Jeff A- where to start....well i love u jeff, i always have, ur amazing, and i miss u soo much, we were best freinds, and miss those days, dont ever forget me, i could never forget you, i love you

Jake M-u were a grate freind to me, and im glad we still talk in high school, miss u still lyl  ur awesome

Robyn-Hey robyn-bobyn bennety! i luv u babez wish u didnt move all the way out there!!! i miss u soooooo much hun ill always remeber u forever and always

Salina-hey weenie! lol ur such a great freind and person,
its so awesome we still chill at edhs u r forever in my heart lyl sal bff

Michelle J-hey chelly! sup hun?we have been friends for soo long..since we were soo small in play school haha u have always bin there for me, and ur sooo funny lol you will always be in my heart, we will always be jenn and jill! lyl jill lol love jenn hehehe:)

Kaylee-hey kay, u were one of the sweetest gals i new, im glad u havent changed! ur awesome babez lylnlnl its great were still freinds dont ever forget me i luv u xoxox bff

megz-hey megan ur a grate person and an awesome freind, i hope our bus dont break down! lol pice of junk! hah lylnlnl we have to go to the movies again soon! thats was super fun! ur grate

Michelle H-hey hunz, ur awesome! memeber how bad we partied at grad!! you were there for me alot, whenever someone was being an ass, you always showed them who the real ass was....them! lol u rok im glad we still talk in high school, i never wanna loose u as a freind bff love u  xox

Dececa-hey you! ur sooooo awesome, u are always there when i am blue or when i need u, i luv u soo much we need to chill more often! lol ur a really grate person, luv u with all my heart lylnlnl bff

Kyle T-hey man..we were awesome at grad lol it was an honor singin with u ur soo awesome!! dont forget me, lyl lets have another gosfield reunion! lol :):)

kimmer-omg kimmy i luv u ur soooo aweosme im glad we are freinds u will always have a special place in my heart! ur grate, lyl :):):)

Immer- u have always bin my freind, ur the coolest dude ever and i luv ur hair! lol ur grate imms, love u forever dont ever change!YOUR AWESOME!!!!

Tiffany-hey tiff u r such a good freind, ur always there for me and u no if u need anything i am here for u always i love u tiffers soo much:) ur aweosme bff+e+e:):D

Tara-hey hunni!! omg i love u soo much,you r like my soul sister lol ur soo amazing babe ill love u forever bffna xox hehe:D

Stacey-hey babe! u r sooooo nice i love u with all my heart!! u are sooo aweosme! bffna!! xox hehe:):):)

Sara-hey babe u r sooo sweet one of the sweetest ppl i no and ur soo adorable i love u to death! hehe xox bff:):):)

Alyssa-Hey!! ur soooo cute! and super nice i love u bunches hunni!! ur amazing:) bff:):)

Brycon-hey babey i love u sooo much hehe ur adorable:):) <3 xoxo

Ben-heyy! ur soooo cute! lol HOTT lmao u rock hehe

Sam R-hey babey i wuv u sooooo much ur sooo gorgeous babe! i love u, hehe ur my samie:):)xoxox bffna

Mike P-hey mike!! lol ur aweosme and very helpful and nice lol ur an awesome freind u rock man! lol lyl:):): hehe muaha

Morgan-hey!! lol ur sooo cute hehe ur aweosme and smart.. lol SIGH...dont act sad lol no sighing allowed!! lol lyl xox

(this part is still under construction u will be added i promise!)

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