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"K8r Fax"
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name: Kaitlin Margaret Ferguson

age: 15

Hite: around 5'3-5'4

birthday: january 14, 1989

My fave colors are: Black,Red and blue

Punk and rock music are my faves, i like G.C,disturbed,blink 182,sum 41, NFG, linken park, metallica, and more!


On this site u'll find out lotza stuff about me! so yea..enjoy:):):)    kate

I will update this site whenever i can, and if i forgot YOU, let me know, Have a awesome day guys!! love you all            

Hobbies and interests
playin guitar,singing,drawing,playin ps2,chillin with my peeps,hangin out, chattin, listenin to music

In this area, I'll list some of the things that I like best, for example:

Favorite TV Shows:that 70's show,everwood,CSI,CSI:miama,Navy NCIS,1-800-missing,joan of arcadia, and lots more lol(i watch alotta tv)
Favorite Movies:spiderman,the outsiders,ace ventura,pirates of the carribean, lord of the rings
Favorite Music: hard rock, and punk
Favorite Book: "The Outsiders"
Fvorite sports:football and soccer
Favorite Food: PIZZA or anything italian
Favorite actors:Jim carrey,Jack black,Johnny Depp,Hugh Jackman,Adam Sandler,Orlando Bloom,Tom Cruise
People I Most Admire: my freinds, JosH, Jessica, and Melanie, i admire jim carrey,jack black and adam sandler for being the funniest ppl on earth!!
Favorite cartoons:all of them on the WB,spongebob,ed ed and eddy

Favorite Quotes

wats crakin
hell nah