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~*ALoNe In ThE dArKnEsS*~

~*pOeMs-PaRt 2*~
~*pOeMs-pArT 3*~
~*PiCtUrEs oF mY fRiEnDs*~
xXx ~*PiX Of fRiEnDs 2*~ xXx
XxX Megadeth XxX
~*mY fRiEnDs*~
xXx-->SiCk bAnDs<--xXx
~*xXx My fave things xXx*~

                           I AM GOPHER GIRL! and i love salad fingers!! aha
hey im kate if ya didnt know lol umm i like chillin with my pals, writing poems, songs and playing guitar. I am about 5'4,5'5... brownish blond hair, dark brown eyes. i like to sing and draw..i absoutly love the bands megadeth and metallica, i also dig AC DC, clapton, hendrix, styx,afi,linken park, ozzy, manson, morbid angel, the eagles, the who, alexisonfire, avril, g.c, limp bizkit and tonz more.
My Life Story
 im a mondo loser if u dont know that already..i was born in a hole, where i was raised by my momma the mountain goat, and my poppa the gorilla. after growing up a bit, i left my hole and climbed up the ugly tree where i really belonged.. untill one day fell out of it, then got beat with a stick by a sasquatch who was despritly in love with a flying squirrel. After my brutal beating, i then moved on to a little place called coolioville, where, for lack of coolness got kicked out. It was life on the streets for me after that.. living on the ghetto streets of downtown cottam was never safe.. always had to watch my back for grannies goin to the post office.. sure they look innocent.... but THEIR NOT..... their just not..ohhh.. hold me(rocking back and forth shaking) danger danger.... dangerous...dangerous place to be.... anyways.. after that, i moved and settled down in a place called loserville, where i felt most welcomed and most comfertable by the way, where everyone was like me, LOSERS EVERYWHERE i was home.. form that point on, i lived in loserville, where i partied with the gophers, and persued my job in squeegeeing.

random pictures of me