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~*ALoNe In ThE dArKnEsS*~

~*mY fRiEnDs*~

~*pOeMs-PaRt 2*~
~*pOeMs-pArT 3*~
~*PiCtUrEs oF mY fRiEnDs*~
xXx ~*PiX Of fRiEnDs 2*~ xXx
XxX Megadeth XxX
~*mY fRiEnDs*~
xXx-->SiCk bAnDs<--xXx
~*xXx My fave things xXx*~

Bobby- hey bobs, you are such a good freind and your so funny!! its such a blast hanging with you, we've had some aweosme times together! everything about u amazes me lol ur are mondo cool,   hehe best freinds forever and ever.. I wanna marry you, and sanitarium lol.. the adventures of katie and bobby, HI YAH! we kick mondo ass! lol.. im such a cool loser lol and delcols class was aweosme with you in it, lol good times.. and mrs mahoneys class was pretty aweosme too.. hah i sang.. christina aguilera.. cough.. lol when we first met lol and you slept all the time lmao good times lol when were married were having 5 kids.. lol aha goood times lmao good sex.. lmao u r the coolest bobs...i love you.. oh... and ur an absolutly amazing guitarist lol  u r sexxxxxxyyy!! and i want u sexually right now!!! lmao! ahem.. my windows open.. lol im terrible!! lol

Mike- hey, ur  too cool.. and freeking funny lol never a dull moment with ya... lol good times in delcols class, u made it interessting, great times, especially with that pen in ur crotch... ahaha ur pretty fun to be around wouldnt be as fun without u lol..oh ya and ur guitar pictures are amazingly hott.. lol oh yea and gotta love all the nicknames uve given me lol ur crazy... but i love ya lol and the sex is grreaaaatt lol

kyle- hey kyle.. lol FRO MAN ahaha i still cant belive ur pops made u "desize the fro" lol wat the hell!! lol where to begin with our good times.. lol ahaha gr 9 sceince, the best thing ever! lol u with ur dam ear aches...and stupid ass chris beating me lol everyday a new adventure lmao drawing pictures of u dying.. lol mostly me chasing u down! ahahaha with a chain saw.. or whatever lmao u r soo cool.. lol i no u love me lol ur there for me when i need somone lol u alwyas are there to give me ur best advice even if u think it sux lol im always here for u too no matter what u can talk to me about anything, thats what im here for lol good times kyle lol all the time... "ur gonna be livin in a van down by the river!" lol u did the best impression and i love how ur just soo random!! lol and ur funny as hell lmao aha CLAPTON IS GOD! lol i love ur taste in music too and one day ur gonna be an amazing basist lol ur too cool kyle..i love ya

Melani- hey boo boo.. ur are my only one! lol weve had some pretty aweosme times in our lives lol "kaitlin, he drives!" lmao all those football games .. tons of fun! we alwyas have aweosme times together i wish i could name em all but theres just too many! lol best freinds since gr 2 lol lil speedy gonzalis jake lmao u are always there fer me, u always have been, ur an aweosme friend and im lucky to have u, MELANI AND KAITLIN STRIKE BACK! LOL were amazing lol we gotta start our own show! lol ahah when u straightened my hair.. i just couldnt pull myslef away form that mirror! lol ahaha and all our movies... we are soo silly! we both should be famous we could make alotta ppl piss their pants laughin lol ur my everything melani i love ya sooo much! bffna!! we are inseperable lol and were gonna be pro at guitar soon lol  best buddies 4 life mel

jessica R--my jessy-- hey jessy..omg jess.. where do i begin??? our good times.. werent good.. they were great!! there are so many, i cant even count! where to begin.. okay lol i got it!! when we were younger and we were swimming at ur house and adrian was there.. lol we were having a great time untill i hit adrian in the head with ur um.. pool stick... hahaha terrible! he cried.. i felt so bad lol what was that gr 6??? lol we were so little lol...G.C CONCERT! OMG lol so much fun.. ur freeken evil cat that me and mel kept buggin.. hehe shes SATAN! lol jp all the times we had movie nights with justin and jesse... miss those times.. lol watchin ghost ship and children of the corn playing scrabble!! lol so fun... justin um farting on ur LEATHER couch lol silly justin(im so fat... he says.. then gets on the excercise bike) lol what a cutie lol we always had so much fun together, being all phsyco and stuff heh heh lol omg lol in the summer... our last sleep over.. i umm was talking in my sleep... lol that must of been a crazy night for u guys lol somthin i think well all remember for a very long time lol..NANI NANI NANI... turtle turtle turtle lol ur soo funny.. GRANDMA I MEAN...WHAT?? haha i felt so dumb when i called u that lol and it wasnt just once!! lol i no weve had out fights.. lol we have had a few but i love you so much and that will never change, even thought we dont live close to eachother anymore..its very

katie-hey kait.. u are my other half! we have so much in common and we have had so many good times together, were absolutly crazy hehe.... been friends for a long time and uve always been there for me... hah.. i punched u in the face.. and kicked u in the chin... lmao wow! violent times.. lmao i love everytihng about u, ur just so aweosme.  hah kung pow! freeken funniest movie ever lmao "auuuuu betty..." lol and our crazy ass movie we made lol! "heh?....DOG" LMAO!! such good times!! lol GIVE HER THE CHAIR! aiiiiiii! lmao wow were such dumb bums lol CHILDISH LOSERS FOREVER! me and you kait always! lol  our show is gonna be, the big comfy cushion.. lol  WE ARE AMAZING lol

tiffany- hey T~ ur soo aweosme! since i met u, we have had nothing but aweosme times together.. like seeing dirty dancing lol and u with that grosse purple lipstick!! lol thats was so great! all the times in gym class lol and hangin out on ur neighbours porch, then playin basket ball with the hotties from next door! lol ahem.. u throwing ur shoe to get their attention.. lol! ur so funny! lol "OPEN YER DOOR!" LOL yeah that was me lmao soo aweosme."umm kaitlin, thats a window.." OH... lol my bad hehe... aha.. me dialing 911... sigh.. gettin hauled into mr. lyons office, scariest thing in my life.. i thought i was gonna die lol yes.. the good times just keep a coming lol aha oh! the nut at my house lol flew over ur head.. ahahah overall we have had amazing times tiffers and theres more where they came from!! hehe i love ya soo much man!  K+T FOREVER N EVER LOL adam and alex are our bitches lol! there soo aweosme, ahah alex.. that lil pimp lol oh yea.. FLAVEN MUST DIE!! lol

britt s- hey bart lol what can i say??? for as long as weve been alive, uve been there for me, everyday.. u are the soooo aweosme lol we have been thru alot together, mostly stuff dealin with our family that is messed... lol stuff just keeps happenin eh? well when somthing goes wrong, we have eachother, and we always will. ill always be here for u when u need anything..its a cuzins packt lol hah..  my dog peed on u... ahem yeah sorry about that lol.. good times ahaha OMG watching freddy cruigar at ur house and gettin the crap scared out of us by ur sisters! lol SO SCARY! "whos there?? i got a bat!" lol oh! and a golf club! ahaha  hope everything works out with james for u betting it will hehe love ya soo much britt xoxoxox bff

brittany v- hey britty!! OMG I LOVE YOU lol so many great times with u hun! lol delcols class was absolutly amazing lol everyday was a new adventure lol hehe u were always there for me to talk about.. u no who.. lol and ur such a great listener! lol remeber last year in science... lol that was a CARAZY class lol ahah remeber freak show in english.... lol that was umm... interessting lol....  ahah we had so much fun at britts house lol watched nightmare on elm street.. lol gulp.. then her sisters went on the roof!!! i was soo scared lol we had a golf club at the door ahahaha such good times lmao ahaha AND MY BDAY lol such good times ahah mike... lmao over all britt, english was amazing we had soooo much fun! too bad we dont have any classes this semester, i think im gonna cry!!! lol everytime i see u in the hallway i just wanna hug u to death!! lol ur such an amazing freind and uve always been there for me.... u were one of the first real friends i had at sx.. and u were always so nice to me.. i love you soo much!!!!

kate b- hey kate.. hehe WERE KATE SQAURED LOL forever and ever!! we always have aweosme times together, ahem.. not math class by the way... lol that class sucked soo bad. im so glad i passed!! lol ahaha riding golf carts with duble britts, ahah such fun times lol ur always welcome to ride my golf cart!! ahahaha ur soo nice kate, one of the sweetest gals i no and ur soo nice to me!! ur soo amazingly cool and super pretty. we should so have our own tv show!! or even our own movie!! ahah ATTACK OF THE KATES"DOUBLE TROUBLE" LMAO we would be sooo awosme!! lol were gonna be famous hehe lol semi was amazing too with u guys, i had such a great time.... i love how its like me u and the two britts! its like double k double b its soo fun lmao ur such a good friend and ur alwyas there for me and i love you to death!! bffna kate! were aweosme!! lol

not done..just to bored to finish right now lol u will be added soon.. YES I MEAN YOU!