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~*ALoNe In ThE dArKnEsS*~

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~*pOeMs-PaRt 2*~
~*pOeMs-pArT 3*~
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~*mY fRiEnDs*~
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Becuz of you

why must i feel degrated, like no ones there for me...
alone i sit everynight..looking for the key...
the key that holds me freedom, that holds my happiness,
hoping i will find my place, before im put to rest.
no one understands, the way i feel inside,
hating the world, the world hating me, and all the tears ive cried.
moments feel like years, in my life thats more like hell,
i just want it to end, before i have the chance to yell..
to yell about the pain, and the hurt i hold inside,
knowing that no one will care, the day i finally die.
im the girl who no one likes, and no one cares for me...
walking home, all alone, no chance to be set free.
from the eyes that stare me down, the laughs i hear from behind,
i try to ignore it, but everytime, it cuts me deep inside.
no one cares for a lonely girl, i just dont matter at all,
ive been holding myself up for so long, i think im about to fall..
its like i cant be happy, they just wont let me be,
why do they think they can just make fun of me??
im desprite... i dont know how much more i can take..
of the lies, the deceit the pain, uve made a big mistake..
so when ur alone, with nothing to do...i hope u think to urself..
its all ur fault..are u happy now?.. cuz tonight i killed myself...

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