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~*ALoNe In ThE dArKnEsS*~

~*pOeMs-PaRt 2*~
~*pOeMs-PaRt 2*~
~*pOeMs-pArT 3*~
~*PiCtUrEs oF mY fRiEnDs*~
xXx ~*PiX Of fRiEnDs 2*~ xXx
XxX Megadeth XxX
~*mY fRiEnDs*~
xXx-->SiCk bAnDs<--xXx
~*xXx My fave things xXx*~

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~*the girl we used to know*~
she had everything
anything you could want
the perfect life as seen by all.
but she had a secret hidden inside,
somthing she despritely tried to hide
behind the money, the boy, the smile
she was deeply in denile.
about herself and her life,
that one day she simply took a knife.
she cut herself deep inside,
sat alone, while she cried and cried.
she did this atleast twice everyday,
hoping her hurt would go away.
instead it made her weak and depressed,
untill one day it finally put her to rest
her parents and freinds had no clue.
all the things that she would do.
at her grave we stand in disbelief
weeping, and showing so much grief.
we plant flowers on her grave to grow,
to present the love we all would show
we cant belive she chose to go,
what happened to the girl we used to know?

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