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~*ALoNe In ThE dArKnEsS*~


~*pOeMs-PaRt 2*~
~*pOeMs-pArT 3*~
~*PiCtUrEs oF mY fRiEnDs*~
xXx ~*PiX Of fRiEnDs 2*~ xXx
XxX Megadeth XxX
~*mY fRiEnDs*~
xXx-->SiCk bAnDs<--xXx
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Alone in the darkness of my own fear,

afraid of hate,

living in ways that aren't se clear, filled with emptyness.

Must we all be the same?

I dont fit in, I feel invisible,

Wish someone would take my hand.

This sadness grows inside, depression conquers me,

I am a disgrace, i fool everyone with the fake smile on my face.

Doesn't anyone see me? you dont know what its like, to feel out of place.

No one cares about the lonely

this pain will never descend

so i'll just wait here,

for my life to end.

~*tHe BiG eViL*~

i stand alone

waiting for this darkness to lift.

wheres the light? i cant seem to find hope.

i linger in the doorway

monsters are calling me now

the darkness is taking over me

hold on, hold on,

dont let go

its pulling me down

i cant see the light

i have no one, i have nothing

why am i hear? everyday is hell

as seen through their eyes, i deserve to die

i stop resisting now

letting myself be pulled under

the light is gone forever

i'm letting go

i see him now

im facig him now

the darkness surrounds me

as i face




why cant you see me?

i open teh door for you,

i am numb now, my spirit is cold.

lead me home, breathe into me.

wake me up, awaken the dead.

your the life in me, without you i cease to live.

save me, from what i have become.

i'm empty now, theres nothing inside.

theres nothing left to hide.

come lie by my side,

as i die.

I never was

I never will be

I have shame

no one sees me

dont look at me

i'm invisible

in this depression, i wont survive

i need someone by my side

i walk alone

i lie alone

i die alone.....

it conquers, it controls

It takes over me, I cannot stop it.

I feel it pull me down, I can't trust myslef anymore.

The darkness takes over, all light has vanished.

I'm dying,

I'm screaming,

I'm bleeding, your decieving, Wont you help me?

But you dont hear me.

I'm going under now. Dont want your hand.

I'll save myself.

I am defeated by you, I thought i had reached the bottom,

I was wrong.

I'm drowing in you,

I'm falling,